How to Gain Over 100K Followers on Instagram- @coldcutz20

For this episode, Deke talks with Chris Colditz aka @coldcutz20. Chris is a social media entertainer/ athlete who has built an impressive following over the past couple years. His videos consist of crazy stunts, world record performances and occasionally a funny prank. In this conversation, Deke and Chris discuss the Instagram lifestyle, when and how he started, Chris’ passion for sneakers, Lavar Ball’s marketing tactics and much more!

Check out Chris’ social media and also his clothing line: Allurynt apparel

Instagram: @coldcutz20

Facebook: ColdCutz Fitness

Allurynt website:

Turn Criticism to Your Advantage- Ethan Kovalcik

Ethan Kovalcik is the lead singer and frontman of reggae rock band, Brahctopus. He also is the co-founder of GareFest music festival and sings and plays in the band, 3 Dude Chillin. In this episode, Ethan and I discuss how Brahctopus was formed, his creative process, outer body experiences, aliens, and much more!

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