Shaving Eyebrows and Taking Chances

Shaving Eyebrows and Taking Chances

I wrote this post in November, but was not comfortable with releasing it then for whatever reason. Not sure exactly why. Maybe it felt personal and I wanted to save it just for me, but now it feels right to put out. Hope you enjoy!

Shaving Eyebrows and Taking Chances

These last couple weeks/ days I’ve been thinking about life, things I’m doing, what I’m trying to accomplish and it’s been a good reflective time. I keep asking myself “What is Chillin with Deke?” And as you can see, there’s been a lot of different ideas I’ve tried out in terms of marketing, content, etc. over the past 6 months. So this post is just a little inside scoop as to why I’ve made some of those decisions and what might be expected in the future.

My original idea for Chillin with Deke was to host a podcast and have 1 on 1 sit downs with people and hear their stories, experiences, wisdom and hopefully learn something and apply it to my life. I figured if I do that I can also have a blog and write about my thoughts throughout the journey. That was kind of it. But at the beginning, I started to think ” How am I going to get the word out about the podcast and let people know who I am?” So ideas started to come to mind- Live podcasts from big events, Poster Boards, Bets, Random Sounds of the Week, then eventually Vlogging. These all made sense to me at the time because I figured worst case scenario for everything is… “Hey at least I’m getting the word out.”

The Live event podcasts were fun and a one of kind experience. They helped me get out of my comfort zone and take risks. I didn’t know how they’d turn out but thought I need to at least try. So I did and I’m proud of what me along with all the guests¬† created. Through these type of podcasts I got to meet Michael Rapaport, Trey Wingo, Herm Edwards, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Kelli Quin, Antonio Brown, and the list goes on and on. So if I never would’ve tried these live podcasts I never would’ve had these unbelievable experiences. But as I try and try to see how these can be incorporated into the larger theme, I struggle to find it.

These shows definitely consist of some cool stories and wisdom, but also had some fans ranting, and just randomness. Which is all fine and how these type of shows needed to be to mix things up. And for those that know me, I’m always willing to shake up the pot. That’s why I thought these live episodes could work because part of them is showing my goofy personality but, like I said, I’ve been struggling to see how they fit with the larger goal.

The bets too, I figured give it a try. Why not? The most epic one was with my brother on episode 4. I was just starting out and wanted to do a bet to force myself to get out and spread the word about the podcast. So, I did. The bet happened at the end of the episode and these were the stipulations- If I got 500 followers on Instagram by the end of the week, my brother would shave his eyebrows. If I didn’t reach 500 then I would shave my head. The rest is history.

My Brother is Man of His Word

I wagered with a few more guests throughout the episodes (I think my man Matt Conway owes on a bet)… And still like the idea of making bets but they will be less prevalent.

Then the vlog. I did a Penguins video back in April talking to fans about the game and other funny stuff. A lot of people liked it. I did too. But I didn’t know how often I would want to do videos like that so they were put on the back burner. Recently, however, some friends suggested I start a vlog to go alongside the podcast. The vlog would be a way to let people see whats going on behind the scenes and get to know me a little better. I agreed and, like my other ideas, I figured I’d give it a chance. ¬†So I got the equipment, camera etc. and went up to Penn State vs Pitt to shoot the first one. Unbelieveable time and was very proud with how the video turned out. I quickly realized the effort it takes to create vlogs like this and then thought more – “What do I really want to be doing with all this?” What’s the goal?

I paused. thought. reflected.

And the more I thought, I realized don’t want to be known as the vlog guy. I want to be known for my podcasts… and what do I want the podcasts to be? Interesting stories and wisdom from dope/interesting people that bring value to our lives. Basically what I envisioned from the start haha. But I think this time I’m more confident in it because I tried a bunch of things I thought would work/like etc but just haven’t meshed with the overall vision. I don’t consider it failure, just weeding things out and figuring things out.

So going forward, what you can expect? I don’t want to give definite answers because things can always change, but the podcast along the lines of the original intention, more reflective writing- lessons learned, food for thought, experiments, etc. and probably no more vlogs (at least how I did the Penn State one) but still video related to the podcast.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my nonsense. Let’s keep growing and learning together.



Jim Shorkey- Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

“If you are the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room”- Jim Shorkey

Think and Grow Rich with Jim Shorkey

Jim Shorkey Chillin with Deke Podcast

This episode was a lot of fun.

How it happened.

I have a good friend and mentor named Steve Gardiner who I meet with pretty consistently for coffee to discuss life/tactics etc. (I actually had him on the podcast for episode 6 but the audio quality was poor and we pulled it, Still gotta record a new one with him!) He mentioned in passing one day that he knew Jim Shorkey and said he would be a great guy for the podcast. I knew the name from car commercials and was instantly interested.

So a few months passed and Steve and I met up for coffee again and he asked how he could help with the podcast. I said, “Could you link me up with Jim Shorkey?” Steve texted him that next minute and Jim was in. We later talked on the phone and scheduled it for the next week.

Before our coffee meeting was over, Steve gave me a little background info and told me Jim read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill over 130 times! I was thinking “Damn, that’s awesome.” And like I said, I knew the name “Jim Shorkey” by seeing/hearing car commercials but when I found out that nugget of info I thought “Man, this podcast will be interesting and I’m going to learn a lot.”


I did and the conversation exceeded my expectations. So hear you go- episode 29 with, Jim Shorkey, former owner of the Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group. Hope you guys enjoy!

The music mentioned in the intro and played towards the end of the episode – Brain Power by Kelly Howell

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