Bo Marchionte- The Iron Man, Running For 7,000+ Days in a Row

For this edition of Chillin with Deke, I speak with writer and expert draft analyst, Bo Marchionte (@bomarchionte). His work can be seen at The Draft Bible, Football Insiders, and Lindy’s Draft Coverage. He has also done radio sports for NBC, FOX Sports and ESPN and their affiliates. Currently, Bo owns a website- and is a scout for the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers. His site is dedicated to Draft and Steeler coverage but also acts as facilitator for college players to gain exposure and improve their draft status.

Outside of scouting and football, Bo enjoys running. I mean really enjoys it…. He currently has a streak which he started back in January 1998 where he runs at least 3 miles everyday. Right now he usually runs for 8-10 miles a day. So obviously in this episode we talk about the streak, how he stays persistent/determined and why he calls running a his mistress. But also, with his experience in the media, we explore how to make connections, talking with strangers and even how to scheme a little lol.

A little backstory on how I met Bo. This episode actually is connected to one of my previous episodes- Episode 18 live from the Hall of Fame weekend. Basically, I met Bo in the concourse of the stadium before the inductees gave their speeches and we talked for 30 min or so. Fast forward a couple months later and we connected to do this podcast. We talk  a little more in-depth on how we met and the Hall of Fame in the episode. So listen below or subscribe on iTunes.

Free Yourself to Change the World- Yung Pueblo

“When you free yourself, you change the world”- Yung Pueblo

In this episode I talk with Diego Perez aka Yung Pueblo. He is well known for his writings, poems and letters which he posts most notably to his Instagram. (Example below) Also known for meditating, Yung Pueblo practices Vipassana which involves taking a retreat and meditating for 10-11 hrs a day. In the beginning of this episode we discuss a little bit of meditation/ mindfulness and how it can help free yourself. We also delve into human habit vs human nature, the meaning behind “Yung Pueblo”, losing the ego, the power of love and tons more!

Diego and I connected for this podcast through Instagram. I discuss a little bit of the backstory in the beginning of the episode, but essentially it goes like this. I followed Diego once I first started my podcast. I saw some of his posts and writings and thought “This dude is legit”. I always thought he would be an awesome guest for the podcast but at the time never really knew how it would happen. Recently I reached out to him because I saw he had a book coming out and I really wanted to hear his story. And here it is Episode 22.

Check out his dope writings and wisdom on his Instagram and Facebook. Also, buy his new book “Inward” on Amazon.

If you would like to hear another episode from an author/ writer click here. I speak with author of the Apparition series, Dominic Bianco, about his writing process, chasing his dream and how other can improve their writing.

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Lisa Song Sutton- How to Negotiate and Network Effectively

Featured in this episode is former Miss Nevada Lisa Song Sutton (@lisasongsutton). She is also the Co-founder of multiple businesses such as: Sin City Cupcakes, Sutton and Chase Real Estate, Liquid and Lace and Gleaux. Lisa also hosts a weekly show called Live with Lisa and she has also been published as a model for GQ, Maxim, Macy’s and published as a writer in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company and more.

I connected with Lisa through Instagram as I saw she commented on one of Tim Ferriss’ post. From there  I saw her profile and could tell she accomplished a lot so I reached out to see if she’s like to share her story on the podcast. I learned a lot from this episode and hope you enjoy too!

In addition, I attempted a coffee challenge which Lisa and I about around the 45 min mark. It involves asking 10% your next purchase at a coffee shop. If you want to read the full story behind the challenge, click here.

If you want to hear wisdom and advice from another entrepreneur click here or listen on iTunes. I talk to NOLACnation’s Jared Zych about selling his possessions to start the brand and why guys like Antonio Brown wear his clothes.

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Coffee Challenge from Tools of Titans

Noah Kagan’s Coffee Challenge From Tools of Titans

So I took Noah Kagan’s Coffee Challenge from Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans book. The inspiration came from my latest podcast episode with entrepreneur and 2014 Miss Nevada- Lisa Song Sutton.

What is the Coffee Challenge?

Here is the coffee challenge as told by Noah to Business Insider.

“The Coffee Challenge is one of Kagan’s favorite Stranger Challenges. It encourages people to walk into a coffee shop and ask for 10% off their purchase and wait for a reaction.

‘We have a thing called the Coffee Challenge,” Kagan tells James Altucher in a recent podcast. “You have to ask for 10% off at a coffee store. Any coffee store. Get a muffin, ask for 10% off. Most people will make an excuse. ‘Oh, I’ve already done sales for five years.’ ‘Oh, I’m not afraid of doing that.’ ‘Oh, I don’t need a discount, I have money.’ But if you go ahead and ask for 10% off coffee, I guarantee  that you will learn something about yourself that will surprise you.'”

In my episode with Lisa Song Sutton we discuss the coffee challenge and how we would go about doing it. I wondered if one should play the “I’m a loyal customer and feel I deserve 10%” card but Lisa offered a better option. Lisa says she would add value for both parties where the employee/Starbucks store would benefit from the transaction as well.  If you want to hear us discuss the challenge more in-depth, check out our conversation below. It starts right as we are talking about the challenge.

Executing the Coffee Challenge

So I wanted to test out the coffee challenge for myself and here was the exchange that took place. A little cringeworthy but hey I’m pretty shameless lol. (For the most part I go with Lisa’s advice and put my own little twist to it.)

STARBUCKS EMPLOYEE : Hey how are you today?

ME: Whats up man how are you?

SE: Good, What can I get for you?

ME: Ahhh, I’ll go with an Iced Green Tea.

SE: With sweetener?

ME: Yeah sure

SE: What size?

ME: Small is good.

SE: Alright, your total is $2.09

ME: Ok cool, Can I get 10% off of that?

SE: Umm.. What do you mean?

ME: Like 10% off this order, so its $2.09. Can i get $.20 off?

SE: Ummm…. I don’t know what you mean.

ME: Ok I’ll be straight up with you. I host a podcast and am doing this thing called the coffee challenge for my newest episode coming out. Its a little lesson in negotiating and communication. We talk about the challenge on the podcast so I thought I’d give it a try. Do you have an Instagram?

SE: Yeah.

ME: So obviously I would help you out if you give me the $.20 off. My guest on the show has a strong social  media following and I’ll give your Instagram tag a shout out in the intro. What do you think?

SE: Man I’m just not sure. I’m a little confused I’m not sure what you mean?

ME: It’s just a little challenge I’m doing for the podcast. I’d love to help you out, maybe help each other out here.

(Co-worker walks by)

SE: (Talking to Co-worker) Hey man what do you think? (To Me) Go ahead tell him what’s going on?

So I basically explain to him the podcast, the challenge, 10% off, shouting out his instagram, lesson in communicating etc.

CO-WORKER: Give him the Employee Rewards code

SE: (To Me) Alright, you’re good dude!

ME: Whats up? What do you mean?

SE: It’s on the house, free.

ME: Ahh man, that’s awesome, appreciate you guys. What’s your Instagrams? I’ll give you the proper shout out. (We exchange info, chat a little)

SE: Sorry bro, wasn’t sure what it was all about at first

ME: Ya its cool, I’ll admit its kinda weird as hell to just go up asking for 10% off. You guys want to take a picture?

And that was it. First time asking and instead of the 10% off, I received the Tea for free.

Lessons I Learned From Coffee Challenge

I wanted to take this coffee challenge to prove to myself and others the things you can accomplish by just putting yourself out there. It’s a good lesson in asking for things you want or desire. So for this instance I did want the Tea for at least 10% off because it was part of the challenge and a story I wanted to add for my blog and podcast. A lot times we want more money, a promotion or various other things but we never really ask. Maybe we sit and think about doing it but then we make up excuses about all the things that can go wrong instead of actually just doing it. I felt the same way with this challenge. I’m sitting there thinking. “This is dumb.” “I’m gonna look stupid.” But then I was like “Just do it. What’s the worst that can happen.”

So the end result. Two new followers, a free green tea, and a cool story that reminds me to put myself out there and hopefully inspires those reading this to do the same.

Questions to consider: What would you say to in attempt to get 10% off your order? What value could you bring to the other party?

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Randyland’s Randy Gilson- Accomplish Your Dreams

For this podcast I talk with owner and creator of Randyland- Randy Gilson. After purchasing property in Pittsburgh’s North Side 22 years ago, Randy went against conventionalism and crafted what is now the art gallery/ museum known as Randyland. Outside of that, he’s also created 800 gardens, 50 vegetable gardens and 8 parks. Randy is a great guy and pours his heart and resources into the city of Pittsburgh and I am grateful he gave me the time for this podcast. I learned a lot from this episode and just from getting to meet Randy. I hope you guys enjoy as well.

In this episode we discuss:

-Randy’s upbringing and overcoming depression

-Using ADHD as a tool

-How he bought and started Randyland

-Thinking outside the box and creating change

-How being a waiter helped him grow Randyland and much much more!

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Roosevelt Nix- From Substitute Teacher to NFL Starter

Roosevelt Nix (@dat_dude_nix45) is the starting fullback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He played college ball at Kent State, winning the MAC Defensive Player of Year as a freshman and was also the first player in school history to be named first team all MAC for all 4 years. After going undrafted, he was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons but was released during training camp. Listen below to hear how Rosie went from undrafted, to free agent to Pittsburgh Steeler in the course of a year.

Just from meeting with Rosie for the podcast and a couple times beforehand, he is legit a good dude. You can tell he cares about people and has a lot of wisdom/perspective/insight to offer. In this episode, we talk about his journey and also alot of  interesting things outside of football. Hope you enjoy.

Million Dollar Idea

How much would you sell your dream for?

What is an idea worth? A Million Dollars? A Billion?

Really what is the price?

As these thoughts came to my head, I started writing the following blog post at 3 am and thought I’d share. Hopefully it helps/inspires at least one person.

I rephrase the question to myself. “How valuable is an idea, really?”

I quit my job and started a podcast roughly 5 months ago. How much would someone have to give me to remove these last 5 months from my life?


I say this as I sit back and look up at the ceiling and think of the experiences I’ve had thus far since beginning this journey. And I realize it would be so hard to explain “why” in a short sitting or in a single blog post. And this is the reason I am going to be writing a lot more. I will discuss things I’ve learned from my guests on the podcast, the experiences I’ve had and the things/theories I will be testing out.

In addition, I will be Vlogging my journey on YouTube soon. This can help you see what’s going on behind the scenes and how things have been happening. I’ll be honest I’m not too too crazy about sharing myself on social platforms. Why should anyone care about what I’m doing or what I’m up to. So if you do. Thank you, I appreciate your support and curiosity. Vlogging will be a somewhat out of my comfort zone, but I think doing videos will be cool and add another dimension to Chillin with Deke. Here’s my channel if you’d like to check it out. Feel free to subscribe, comment, etc.

So what makes an idea invaluable or worth so much that one would never sell it? In my opinion is action. There’s tons of ideas/dreams I’ve had but never acted on them, and for whatever reason I pulled the trigger on this one. The last thing I want to do is come off as bragging or boastful because honestly I really don’t have much idea what I’m doing. A lot of time I’m filled with uncertainty and question what I’m doing, but there’s always hope and optimism that won’t let me stop. So I encourage you if there’s something you really want to do in your life. Just do it. Regret later. But I’m pretty sure if you go for it you won’t regret. : )

Stay Chillin





Life Advice from Trey Wingo, Herm Edwards and Mark Schlereth

Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, Herm Edwards, Kelli Quinn, Pinto Ron, Ron “Crackman” Crachiola, Hollywood Hillbilly Hoggette, Steve Atwater, Mel Renfro, and more!

I traveled up to Hall of Fame not knowing what to expect but met some amazing people and they shared some incredible stories, wisdom and also a little bit of humor on the podcast. Hope you guys enjoy. Will write a blog post on the experience in the upcoming days so stay tuned.

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Starting a Website to Working for ESPN- Cian Fahey

After graduating college in 2012, Cian Fahey started his own website called which featured football analysis that was and is unique from traditional coverage on TV/radio. He started by researching cornerbacks on every snap they played not just when the ball was thrown their way. The work from his site created opportunities for him to write for other sites like the Football Guys, Bleacher Report, Football Outsiders and Rotoworld. In 2014, Cian moved to quarterback coverage and dissected every pass to see if it was interceptable or not which then led to the creation of his Quarterback Catalog in 2015. Now he can be heard as the official football correspondent on ESPN’s Dan LeBatard Show and will be starting a new role for ESPN in the future.

In this episode Cian and I discuss, how/why he started, how he built the site, believing in himself and never quitting, how the LeBatard Show opportunity came about, and obviously some Pittsburgh Steelers/football talk.

Check out Cian’s site for football coverage you won’t get anywhere else.

Stay connected to Cian to see his newest articles and see what he’ll be up to next.

His twitter- @Cianaf

Listen to the Dan LeBatard Show now and throughout the football season to hear Cian give his football insights.

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How to Grow Your Art and Business- Dave O’Brien

Dave O’Brien is an upcoming Pittsburgh artist who just completed the 2017 Art Car for Ron Lewis Alfa Romeo downtown live at Market Square. He has also done live paintings for RedFish Bowl, Fame LLC, and Pittsburgh Beautiful. His work has been featured at Carnegie Library of Downtown Pittsburgh, War Streets Brewery, Delanie’s Coffee shop and on the official Pittsburgh Saint Patrick’s Parade t-shirt.

This episode is unique because Dave and I were friends and graduated in the same high school class- Seton La Salle 2011. Six years after graduating we meet again and discuss how/why Dave started creating and selling art, how he meshes the art and business worlds together, why he’s so critical of his own work, tips for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, high school/college football memories and much more. Also, I lose another bet on the podcast.

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