How to Grow Your Art and Business- Dave O’Brien

Dave O’Brien is an upcoming Pittsburgh artist who just completed the 2017 Art Car for Ron Lewis Alfa Romeo downtown live at Market Square. He has also done live paintings for RedFish Bowl, Fame LLC, and Pittsburgh Beautiful. His work has been featured at Carnegie Library of Downtown Pittsburgh, War Streets Brewery, Delanie’s Coffee shop and on the official Pittsburgh Saint Patrick’s Parade t-shirt.

This episode is unique because Dave and I were friends and graduated in the same high school class- Seton La Salle 2011. Six years after graduating we meet again and discuss how/why Dave started creating and selling art, how he meshes the art and business worlds together, why he’s so critical of his own work, tips for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, high school/college football memories and much more. Also, I lose another bet on the podcast.

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