First Blog Post

Hey what’s up. My name is Eric aka Deke. I’m just a normal dude that grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and am loving life. I am starting this blog as well as a podcast show because they are dreams of mine. I don’t have any experience in either, but am excited to see where this journey takes me. 

A Little Background- I’m just like you and you are me

I went to a local private high school and graduated from Pitt with a major in marketing. Like most recent graduates, I was looking for my first job out of school. Finding one didn’t take much effort which has been a theme for most of my life. My mom worked for the company and was a helpful connection for me.  I knew this job was not my dream job but was a great opport.. (you know the cliché) So yeah I learned a lot. One thing was specifically about the industry I worked in and the other was a lot about human interaction- which was actually my favorite part of the job.

What got me excited going to work was learning and talking with people.  I also love putting smiles on people’s faces just because.  In my opinion everyone is an expert at something. Everyone has something interesting about them that they are willing to share- you just got to be interested in them. So yeah my job was basically 9-5 ,sit at my cubicle, and then go home, but there was much more I got out of it. It was all about the relationships and conversations I had, not the work itself.

With all that said, around two months ago I would wake up for work and kept asking myself “what am I doing?” To me, working at my current position just didn’t make sense. I loved my coworkers and relationships but the job wasn’t my dream it was other people’s /society’s dream for me. So what was stopping me from just quitting? Fear.  It took me a week/ a week and a half before I finally put in my two weeks. The mind is powerful, and when I first started to think about quitting my mind went off in to thinking about the awesome possibilities that could happen. With time however, the negative started to creep in, what will my friends/ parents think of me, what if I don’t get another job, what if my parents kick me out, what will my coworkers think, etc. So these thoughts kept me stalled but after a while I just did it. I was nervous, scared, but at the same time alive.

So fast forward to now, its been about two weeks since I quit and I’ve been trying to accomplish everything I said I would during my time off. I’ve painted a couple pictures, been walking alot, playing drums, reading books, writing this blog, and am trying to figure out the podcast. So yeah its been a lot of fun so far. I’m going to always try to keep learning and I hope you can learn as well by following my content by- Chillin with me, Deke.

And  you may be asking why not just get another job or do all that stuff while your working- my response- what’s the fun in doing that?

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