How to Gain Real Followers on Instagram. 100% Legit

Gain Real Instagram Followers in 2018

When I started my podcast back in March, I did not have any social media to my name. I had a Facebook for maybe 2 years during college but other than that I had no online presence. When I began social media for the podcast back in March, there were a few things that just seemed off to me and one of them was how people try to build followings. For instance, people spamming for follows, paying for followers or following 1000’s of accounts only to unfollow them later. It just seemed like a big ploy to get numbers up and feed the ego. I mean honestly, do people realize there are real humans behind these screens?

Obviously, I wanted to generate some marketing/get the word out about Chillin with Deke, but wanted to do it a different way. Instead of sitting on my phone for hours trying to do all this fake nonsense why not use social media as a talking point to communicate with real people in my city/community. So that’s what I did.

I set out with the goal to gain 100 followers in a day strictly by going up to people and talking to them. I asked if they would like to help me out with something and that I was trying to shoot a video promoting in-person communication as a spoof to the current social media scene. That is how it went down. It was a lot of fun. And here’s the video. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the video. I really appreciate it.

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