Jim Shorkey- Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

“If you are the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room”- Jim Shorkey

Think and Grow Rich with Jim Shorkey

Jim Shorkey Chillin with Deke Podcast

This episode was a lot of fun.

How it happened.

I have a good friend and mentor named Steve Gardiner who I meet with pretty consistently for coffee to discuss life/tactics etc. (I actually had him on the podcast for episode 6 but the audio quality was poor and we pulled it, Still gotta record a new one with him!) He mentioned in passing one day that he knew Jim Shorkey and said he would be a great guy for the podcast. I knew the name from car commercials and was instantly interested.

So a few months passed and Steve and I met up for coffee again and he asked how he could help with the podcast. I said, “Could you link me up with Jim Shorkey?” Steve texted him that next minute and Jim was in. We later talked on the phone and scheduled it for the next week.

Before our coffee meeting was over, Steve gave me a little background info and told me Jim read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill over 130 times! I was thinking “Damn, that’s awesome.” And like I said, I knew the name “Jim Shorkey” by seeing/hearing car commercials but when I found out that nugget of info I thought “Man, this podcast will be interesting and I’m going to learn a lot.”


I did and the conversation exceeded my expectations. So hear you go- episode 29 with, Jim Shorkey, former owner of the Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group. Hope you guys enjoy!

The music mentioned in the intro and played towards the end of the episode – Brain Power by Kelly Howell

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Click here for show notes and time stamps:

3:20- Background of Think and Grow Rich and Importance of following instructions

6:07- When/Why Jim started reading Think and Grow Rich.

11:47- Steps/ Strategies to growing dealerships and business.

14:10- Reaching out to mentors and seeking expert council.

19:20- The 2 tactics/ideas garnered from mastermind that delivered.

23:20- The six steps of Desire.

25:05- What is autosuggestion? How Jim incorporates it.

27:05- The secret.

31:31- The science of auto suggestion catching up to the philosophy.

33:39- Importance of defining aging goal. Why Jim wants to live over 100.

37:23- What happened in 2003 for Jim Shorkey Auto Group

38:52- How Jim made record sales during the Recession

46:04- Jim’s pitch customers during Recession

47:20- Investing when times are low. Making downtime your primetime.

49:59- The idea behind the sixth sense. Does it matter?

57:39- The meaning of goals.

59:44- Jim’s definition of success.

1:07:59- What Jim would put on a Billboard in a large city.

1:12:35- Why Jim stopped drinking alcohol in 1993.

1:18:14- Importance of failing and making mistakes.


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