Jon Kolb- Living and Moving with Purpose

“The process is the purpose.” – Jon Kolb

Jon Kolb is the President of Adventures in Training with a Purpose which is an organization focused on helping those most in need improve their quality of life through purposeful physical training. He was formerly the Steelers Left Tackle from 1969-1981 and won 4 Super Bowl Championships with the team. After football, Jon became the Steelers strength and conditioning coach and received his Master’s in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University. He also currently teaches kinesiology at Penn State and Youngstown State.

To find out more about Adventures in Training with a Purpose please check out the website here.

This interview was really meaningful to me and I think comes at a good time as we kick of 2018.  As the New Year comes, we often are seeking to improve ourselves (usually as it relates to fitness). In this episode, Jon gives a unique outlook on how we should look at training and movement and it definitely gave me new perspective. Timestamps/ topics discussed are below:

2:59- What does being Left Handed Mean?

8:50- Is strength the most important aspect of training?

12:40- Defining your purpose. Different types of workouts for different goals.

15:58- Connection of homones, brain and muscle

19:14- Unethical workouts?

23:39- Moving and Living with chronic diseases- Current therapy vs. How it should be

29:23- Life Expectancy vs. Healthy Life expectancy

33:00- Rethinking the Aging Process

36:47- Minimum effective dose of working out- is the glass half full/empty?

46:12- How did Adventures in Training with a Purpose start?

49:56- Who is ATP for? Who does it help?

55:00- Importance of Environment when training? Surrounding yourself with positivity.

58:40- Why you should walk backwards everyday

1:00:48- The Krebs Cycle and the benefits of learning while moving

1:04:11- Inter-workings of the brain, spinal cord and our body parts. Science behind paralysis/walking and regenerating neuro networks.

1:21:06- Most meaningful Super Bowl Ring?

1:24:29- Making the process the purpose.

1:27:59- Dealing with fear and never wanting to take a step back.

1:33:43- Being the best vs. being the best you can be.

1:42:04- Jon’s favorite Chuck Noll stories and Memories.

1:47:51- Favorite/ most impactful Bible verse.

1:50:28- Jon’s definition for success.

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