Justin Roach- Creating Opportunity and Working with Snoop Dogg and Joe Cool

Justin Roach (@imjust) is a graphic designer who works with global artists such as Snoop Dogg and The Game. He started drawing sketches for himself in his teens, influenced heavily by both graffiti and artwork such as Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” cover- created by the legendary Joe Cool. Fast forward to now and Justin is working with both of these guys. He and Joe Cool teamed up to create a couple of Snoop Dogg album covers, the most recent being “CoolAid”. They also created The Game’s “1992” cover. In this episode, we talk about how Justin was able to make connections and get his name known enough to end up working with his idols.

Outside of his freelancing, Justin works as the graphic designer and social media marketer for Wayne Bank in Scranton, Pa and recently won The Happening’s 2017 Best Artist Award.

A Little Backstory for this Episode

I connected with Justin through Facebook. I’m pretty sure we linked through Randyland. (who I previously did a podcast with). I saw Justin’s work and figured he would be a great guest for the podcast, but also reached out to see if he’d be up for working on a new podcast logo for Chillin with Deke. The new logo is in progress and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. As for now, you can listen to the podcast below. I hope you guys enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Subscribe to Chillin with Deke on iTunes here.

Some of Justin’s work.



Time Stamps for the episode:

1:15- Why Justin likes 90’s music and the Gin Blossoms

5:06- The reason Justin gravitated to art/ design + early influences

7:09- How Justin stumbled upon Graphic Design by accident

12:20- Making early connections in Philadelphia

16:00- Being in the right place at the right time- How a deer head facilitated Justin’s career

21:45- Being broke and experimenting with different jobs

24:48- Who Justin was most nervous to meet when first starting out.

28:11- How he started working with childhood idols Joe Cool and Snoop Dogg

34:23- Story behind The Game’s 1992 album cover

38:22- Completing the Coolaid album the Day it appeared on Jimmy Kimmel

41:58- How the collab process between Justin and Joe Cool works

44:35- How Justin struggles with comparing to others and how he tries to prevent it

46:52- What ideals would Justin instill to upcoming students or those just starting out in art

48:18- Passing out my podcast episode and getting in front of people

49:50- Why does design matter when it comes to products and brands

52:47- Effect of design/art/graffiti in Justin’s person life

57:29- Definition of success

1:02:09- When I met Michael Rapaport/ Making an impact on someone

1:04:39- Why Justin doesn’t really have a book to recommend

1:07:33- A Ted Talk on a topic outside of graphic design

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Stay Chillin, My Friends.

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