Lisa Song Sutton- How to Negotiate and Network Effectively

Featured in this episode is former Miss Nevada Lisa Song Sutton (@lisasongsutton). She is also the Co-founder of multiple businesses such as: Sin City Cupcakes, Sutton and Chase Real Estate, Liquid and Lace and Gleaux. Lisa also hosts a weekly show called Live with Lisa and she has also been published as a model for GQ, Maxim, Macy’s and published as a writer in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company and more.

I connected with Lisa through Instagram as I saw she commented on one of Tim Ferriss’ post. From thereĀ  I saw her profile and could tell she accomplished a lot so I reached out to see if she’s like to share her story on the podcast. I learned a lot from this episode and hope you enjoy too!

In addition, I attempted a coffee challenge which Lisa and I about around the 45 min mark. It involves asking 10% your next purchase at a coffee shop. If you want to read the full story behind the challenge, click here.

If you want to hear wisdom and advice from another entrepreneur click here or listen on iTunes. I talk to NOLACnation’s Jared Zych about selling his possessions to start the brand and why guys like Antonio Brown wear his clothes.

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We discuss:

-Stephen King, What makes his writing good, The movie- IT

-Why Lisa read so much as a kid, How has it helped her

-Life as a model, What it has taught her about imaging and branding, How she uses those lessons with her companies today

-Starting Sin City Cupcakes with her friend Danielle, and how they got strong publicity from the start

-How she made a Lamborghini collaboration with her Real Estate firm

-How to network effectively at events. Why Lisa doesn’t necessarily like typical networking events

-Running for Miss Nevada. How her past helped her win and how winning helped her businesses

-Importance of Community

-Tim Ferriss, Tools of Titans and the Coffee Challenge

and much more!