Creating a Plan, Setting Goals, and Building a Global Brand- Jeff Walters

Jeff Walters is the owner of American Torch Tip which was started by his grandfather in the 1940’s during World War II. In 2004, Jeff took his knowledge from ATTC and bought Globe Trailers which has become one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the country. We discuss how he was able to grow his companies at such a high rate, what makes a good leader, how to deal with stress, funny golf stories, the Kentucky Derby and much more!

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How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Build a Network- Jeff Young

Jeff Young is the founder of Young Lungs Motivation- a non profit organization that focuses on challenging and motivating people especially youth. He is a public speaker and includes poetry in a creative/ impactful way to better engage with his audiences. In this episode we discuss what makes a good speech, when/how he started poetry and motivational speaking, the art of networking, ways to set yourself apart and much more!

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Learn to Love Your Body and Take Life Less Seriously- Theresa Baughman

This one was very insightful and also a lot of fun. I talk with Fizzpop pins owner and creator, Theresa Baughman. Here is her bio, excerpted from her website.

“Theresa Baughman graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015. In her undergraduate studies, she completed four research grants in two years including field studies in Rock River, WY and London, UK. She currently produces the original talkshow series The Zest and serves as the art director and event coordinator for The Food Mood Girl brand. Theresa currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA where she can be found drumming, and playing outside.”

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How to Stay Mentally Tough with Undefeated Champ Matt Conway


Matt “Sweet Child” Conway is an undefeated Junior welterweight boxer based in Pittsburgh and has a fight June 24th at the Rivers Casino to defend his belt. In this episode Matt and I talk about how/why he started fighting, mental toughness, McGregor vs Mayweather, misconceptions of boxing and much more!

To get tickets for his fight go to MADEMENBOXING.COM or hit up Matt on Facebook or his Instagram- @conway_boxing1


Starting a Sneaker Company and Overcoming Adversity- Wade Anthony

I talk with Wade Anthony live from his sneaker shop- Anthony’s Locker, located in Lawerenceville, PA. In this episode we talk about how and when Anthony started the shop/selling sneakers, his favorite Madden games/players, community, success and much more! Go to his site or visit him down at 4314 Butler St., Pittsburgh PA to buy some fresh shoes or gear.

Anthony’s Instagram and Twitter: @anthonyslocker

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How to Gain Over 100K Followers on Instagram- @coldcutz20

For this episode, Deke talks with Chris Colditz aka @coldcutz20. Chris is a social media entertainer/ athlete who has built an impressive following over the past couple years. His videos consist of crazy stunts, world record performances and occasionally a funny prank. In this conversation, Deke and Chris discuss the Instagram lifestyle, when and how he started, Chris’ passion for sneakers, Lavar Ball’s marketing tactics and much more!

Check out Chris’ social media and also his clothing line: Allurynt apparel

Instagram: @coldcutz20

Facebook: ColdCutz Fitness

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Turn Criticism to Your Advantage- Ethan Kovalcik

Ethan Kovalcik is the lead singer and frontman of reggae rock band, Brahctopus. He also is the co-founder of GareFest music festival and sings and plays in the band, 3 Dude Chillin. In this episode, Ethan and I discuss how Brahctopus was formed, his creative process, outer body experiences, aliens, and much more!

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